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  • EU Standard 1 & 2 CEP approved
  • Safe, efficient, image-free passenger screening solution
  • Reduced-sized version of widely deployed ProVision ATD
  • More than 1000 ProVision ATD and ProVision 2 systems have been procured worldwide by 250 airports with deployments on six continents

The compact exterior design of the ProVision 2 fits into space-constrained checkpoint areas with low (2.4-meter/8-foot) ceilings. The system enhances security at any checkpoint by delivering the same robust detection, high-throughput, image-free privacy, and safety as the widely deployed ProVision ATD system.

The passenger experience with the ProVision 2 is convenient, straightforward and efficient, requiring only a single stationary position during a 1.5-second scan. The system does all the work for the customer and requires no special movements or motions.

Automatic Target Detection (ATD)
  • Quickly screens passengers for a broad variety of aviation targets both metallic and non-metallic: weapons, standard and home-made explosives (sheet and bulk), liquids, gels, plastics, powders, metals, ceramics, and other solids, etc.
  • The system does all the work for the customer and no special movements or motions are required.
High Throughput
  • A quick stationary-position scan (1.5 seconds) provides the data needed to confidently assess an individual at a checkpoint.
  • Processes 200 - 300 people per hour depending on the application
  • Reduces need for time-consuming and intrusive pat-down searches
  • Superior detection, high throughput, outstanding quality and reliability
Safe Technology
  • Uses safe millimeter radio wave (MMW) technology
  • Provision 2 does not use X-rays or any ionizing radiation
Preserving Privacy
  • Automatic target detection technology ensures passenger privacy by highlighting threats and anomalies using a generic mannequin that resembles a human outline.
  • Eliminates the review of images as scan data is processed by software without human intervention to determine if any threats are present.
Compact Footprint
  • Fits in areas with 8-foot ceilings
  • Subassembly fits through standard 34-inch door frame